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River Of Dreams by Keith Proctor

River Of Dreams by Keith Proctor
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Keith Proctor
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With Slip Price:
Giclee On Board
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With Slip
Image Size:
457 x 457 mm

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Perhaps under the watchful eye of a male member of his family, or a collection of his best mates, this young lad is desperate to impress those that make up the riverbank audience as he attempts to circumnavigate one of a young man’s first rites of passage experiences. Keen to land a whopper to silence any doubting Thomas’, Davids or Simons just out of picture, fine artist Keith Proctor paints a telling picture of the innocence of a diminishing youth. A long way away from the draw of a Plasma TV, the Playstation or the Wii, this tale from the riverbank is captured in full, Technicolor glory, in wide screen and with a level of HD that even Sony would have trouble replicating. 

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