Rhapsody by Jennine Parker

Rhapsody by Jennine Parker
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Jennine Parker
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127 x 330 mm

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Not quite standing on the shoulders of giants, but instead unfurling her wings and giving rise to the most inherent emotions in us all, ‘Rhapsody’ embodies all that is natural in the human DNA; from love and devotion to an overwhelming sense to protect one and all. Which pretty much sums up the creative gist behind the acclaimed and best-selling contemporary figurative sculpture artist, Jennine Parker’s very latest Spring 2016 reveal observed here. In terms of extra-curricular inspiration, Parker looked to the natural weathered erosion which creates a contrast from smooth to textured surfaces, which subsequently create sensitivity to texture and form, whilst interesting shapes and lines are naturally created from every angle, moving the viewer to feel the actual need to hold or touch the sculpture.

Now in our retailing midst, this gregariously designed and emotively manifest limited edition is cast from bronze and stands some 13” in height from the plinth base from which empowers it to contort and stretch and grow in front of our very eyes. Limited from its launch this season – along with the other core three-dimensional components which comprise the award-winning Parker’s equally new ‘Guardian Angels’ collective – to just 195 hand-signed examples, we would urge all interested parties to move quickly on this before numbers rapidly diminish. 

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