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Reynard I by Gary Benfield

Reynard I by Gary Benfield
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Gary Benfield
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381 x 305 mm

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The great suburban warrior, friend, foe and now scourge of rural and more recently, city-dwellers is pictured here in its traditional comfort zone and epitomized in typical stealth-like pose and posture. Not straying or ruffled of a single hair or muscle from its intent observation of a distant prey, you can almost sense the imminent nose twitching or an ear flicking and curling even more intently, radar-like in the direction of its potential quarry. ‘Reynard I’ is much sought after contemporary artist, Gary Benfield’s most recent illustrative reveal, which concentrates purely and objectively on the un-distracted fox, by offering the viewer no additional distractions. The distinct brownish, reddish and orange-ish hues and saturations more commonly associated with a fox are deployed with style and conviction by Benfield, whilst its facial expressions are a lesson in detail-lead orientation and measured depiction from the outset. 

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