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Reynard II by Gary Benfield

Reynard II by Gary Benfield
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Gary Benfield
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305 x 381 mm

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The hunter and the hunted, physically. The haunting and the haunted, emotionally. The red fox is very much part of the public conscience one way or another and is forever making the headlines; be it of the urban variety for their thieving ways (if you can call removing someone else’s rubbish, thieving that is) or the rural variety for it being unceremoniously stalked and culled for the pleasure of people on horseback who sport britches. Popular and collectable contemporary artist, Gary Benfield hasn’t laboured over which red fox variant he’s captured the like-ness of in this, his most recent pictorial outpouring, entitled, ‘Reynard II’, suffice to say it’s more than graphically headlining in its thought and visually enlightening execution. All brown and red and orange of fur, beady of eye and radar-like of ears, Benfield’s fox is a masterclass in a less is decidedly more approach to animal illustration as he’s perfected here. 

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