Regent Street Rain by Neil Dawson

Regent Street Rain by Neil Dawson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Neil Dawson
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Giclee On Canvas
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Board With Slip
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508 x 406 mm

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More normally concerned, visually at least, with the more photo-realistic version of commuting events, this time of asking Neil Dawson has seemingly channelled his inner Impressionist so as to ultimately deliver this more muted compositional soundtrack to a familiar tale of city life and times. Be it downtown Manhattan or uptown West End, the ever-popular contemporary urban landscape artist, Dawson has a pictorial translation of just how he sees that immediate world around him; and indeed, us.

As it is – and as the title ‘Regent Street Rain’ implies – this time (Spring 2016 as it happens) the surroundings are a lot closer to home, whilst the weather shares this more gloomy outlook. But then it’s the dramatic and light-orchestrating precipitation which seemingly guides the eye and brush when it comes to the award-winning Dawson’s finest giclee on canvas hours though, with this individually-signed limited edition definitely not looking to buck this long-accepted trend. Available to reserve or purchase as of today, we are not inviting enquiries on this 20” x 16” study for those interested parties.

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