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Reflection by Christine Comyn

Reflection by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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510 x 610 mm

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A flat, non-descript brown background appears stilted and abject in its solidified, un-saturated misery at the far reaches of this composition, whilst the foreground is dedicated to the almost angelic presence and company of a woman in white.

Head tilted and bowed, the young woman ponders and reflects on her predicament and solace, not knowing quite whether to stick or to twist; and how to ultimately predict her next move.

Evidently seizing this opportune juncture in proceedings to take time out you can almost hear the thought process, the dawning of realisation, the stark choice that lie ahead.

‘Reflection’ is celebrated contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn’s latest pictorial offering, a typically stripped back, yet still magnanimous affair answers all the visually-signed questions yet none of the story behind the story, which as ever is left to the viewer to establish. 

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