Raring To Go by April Shepherd

Raring To Go by April Shepherd
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by April Shepherd
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432 x 559 mm

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Managing to imagine and subsequently craft hugely sensitive pieces, while - somewhat perversely, considering achieved simultaneously– ensuring that the finished three dimensional article remains unsentimental from most perspectives, April Shepherd’s back catalogue of contemporary animal sculptures have successfully garnered her much critical acclaim. With habitual illustrative attentions drawn to the horse as her favoured (and repeated) subject matter of choice, the award-wining Shepherd has this time turned to the even more domesticated canine in her much-anticipated Spring 2017 portfolio. Once more there’s a clarity of creation which resonates a unique blend of literature, folklore and mythology, interwoven into the very emotive fabric of what is, in essence, a cold cast porcelain sculpture. ‘Raring to Go’ is a strictly limited edition sculpted piece which fixates itself on the eternal presence of an Alsation dog; highly sprung and on the cusp of dramatic activity.

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