Protection by Jennine Parker

Protection by Jennine Parker
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Jennine Parker
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127 x 432 mm

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Inspired throughout her life – from a creative viewpoint at least – by who she refers to as one of the 20th Century’s greatest artists, Alberto Giacometti, current 21st Century contemporary figurative sculpture exponent, Jennine Parker will engage anyone on the merits which place the former so high in the latter’s esteem; routinely citing the conveying of immense energy and a truly radiant presence. The best-selling and hugely popular Parker also waxes lyrical about the peerless talents of the likes of Rodin, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Peter Hayes to name but a few iconic sculptors of yore, insisting that all of these artists have ‘given us their own unique interpretation of the figure in a way that has spoken to us and left their stamp on the world of figurative sculpture.’

To here and now though, and in Spring 2016 Parker herself releases her own much-anticipated new 4-part mini-series, entitled ‘Guardian Angels’; and which focuses on the almost other worldly and ethereal presence of love, devotion and protection, translated in the figuratively sculpted form and function at this juncture. ‘Protection’ as seen in this particular instance is represented as a 5” x 17” bronze cast iteration of an angel-like creature, looking out and over those who feature in her immediate gaze, and in terms of physicality materialises as a hand-signed limited edition study now available to purchase via our usual channels.

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