Poppies and Pimms by Mark Spain

Poppies and Pimms by Mark Spain
Limited Editions of 75 - individually signed by Mark Spain
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Giclee On Canvas
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760 x 610 mm

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Set amid a grandiose, society-bound race meet of some description or another, Ascot or Goodwood springing readily to mind and casual eye, the occupants of this still frame are embracing their sunny surround, bedecked in all their race-going finery, hats and bows and floral decorations, suits and top hats aplenty. Smooth, silenced pastels for the lady folk (with the flagged up exception of the Poppy-heavy jacket sported by the lady in the centre-ground), whilst the men all present and sartorially correct in their morning suits and resplendent glory. ‘Poppies and Pimms’ is respected contemporary landscape and figurative artist, Mark Spain’s most recent illustrative dramatisation, re-enacted on a canvas near you soon. Or rather, right here. a traditionally summery and quintessentially English affair, these eager spectators are making a day of it, race card at hand, ‘Poppies and Pimms’ even closer as an extensive palette of colours, hues and saturations are put through their pictorially thoroughbred paces by Spain; the winner taking all in this part and parcel of the artist’s current, ‘Day at the Races’ collection. 

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