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Plum Blossom by Kerry Darlington

Plum Blossom by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished & Glossed
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229 x 610 mm

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Returning to an art gallery near you soon (i.e, US!), one of our favourite practitioners of the noble art of contemporary fine, er, art, Kerry Darlington returns in Spring 2015 with a fascinating new collection of bespoke Unique Editions. And we are inviting you to register your interest and pre-order one of these stunning pieces (more if you’re inclined) right now. Hereabouts we concentrate on the best-selling Darlington’s very latest compositional reveal, entitled ‘Plum Blossom’; which as you can see for yourselves takes the illustrative form of a gregarious coloured tree, flaunting its cornucopial roots from the foot of the individually signed and limited edition Unique Edition, upwards.

Created and subsequently crafted in Darlington’s unmistakable graphic fashion – which is typically finished off (as is the case here) with hand embellishments and a glossed surface – ‘Plum Blossom’ would immediately fit in and look right at home in any given urban living space to our mind. But we’re 100% positive that we won’t be the only Darlington fans to form this opinion, a raft of whom will doubtless clamour to get their hands on this beautiful piece from launch. 

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