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P.S I Love You by Hayley Goodhead

P.S I Love You by Hayley Goodhead
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Hayley Goodhead
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330 x 457 mm

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Presented here as a mounted giclee piece, 'PS I Love You' is the latest pictorial incarnation by new contemporary animal artist, Hayley Goodhead.

Ok, here’s one for you all. What have ‘P.S I Love You’ actress, Hilary Swank, a couple of loved up zebras and long-haired fashion designer, Paul Smith have in common? Toughie we know, but bear with us.

That’s right. They’ve all heavily influenced shiny new contemporary animal artist, Hayley Goodhead’s latest illustrative reveal, which you can cast your eyes over hereabouts. ‘P.S.I Love You’ – remember, the P.S on this occasion stands for Paul Smith as a sort of homage thing – quirkily depicts the aforementioned zebras, only after experiencing the full Paul Smith primary coloured stripes treatment, nuzzling up to one another, set amid a black background.

Being a Goodhead composition the detail is the other side of immense when it comes to the detailing of expressions and emotions, whilst the title is lifted (albeit with that little twist) straight from the Hilary Swank film. Which all fits together nicely and is a joy to look out upon. 

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