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Over The Seas I by Rebecca Lardner

Over The Seas I by Rebecca Lardner
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Rebecca Lardner
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Giclee On Board
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305 x 305 mm

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Rebecca Lardner’s distinctive oils are beautifully depicted portrayals of life on the land and sea. The large ensemble cast of figures, boats and sea birds create an impression of ceaseless activity and this is heightened by the natural curves of the classic English harbour. None of this should come as a huge surprise, when learning that the acclaimed contemporary maritime landscape art practitioner enjoyed her childhood in Dorset, where should would have been exposed to countless vistas akin to the one she’s chosen to paint the likeness of here in the summer of 2017. ‘Over the Seas I’ sees more pastel-washed fishermen’s cottages, harbour walls, trawlers with fresh catches and sea birds watching the world go by in graphic abundance; yet still manages to offer a new insight and alternative illustrative perspective on what’s pictorially gone before. Such is the best-selling Lardner’s skillset. Please call us at your next convenience to discuss ownership options re: this individually-signed, giclee on board limited edition and more besides. 

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