Oh My Lucky Stars by Todd White

Oh My Lucky Stars by Todd White
Limited Editions of 135 - individually signed by Todd White
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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381 x 635 mm

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Pushing the boat out, boundaries, inhibitions, the subject of taste and decency. You name it, and we’re pretty certain that Todd White has pushed it at some point in recent history, via the medium of his gloriously fearless and often ridiculously provocative canvases. And why shouldn’t he? After all, art is nothing if not a personal expression, proffering a million and one potential narratives to the viewer. Or a million plus two if you’re the enigmatic and evocative contemporary figurative art practitioner who’s just lifted the lid on his seasonal works.

Brand new for this Spring 2016, the ‘White Hot’ collection from peerless and creatively fearless white knight himself, is as expected, when it comes to salacious subject matter. A little more end of pier than what the butler may or may not have seen, absolutely nothing is left to the viewer’s equally furtive imagination when White’s latest pictorial offerings come out to play. ‘Oh my Lucky Stars’ is bang on the close to the knuckle money once more, and all the better for it in our opinion, depicting as it does a sassy, street-wise femme fatale seeking the attentions of an audience of one. Limited to 135 hand-signed and embellished editions from the revealing outset, we suggest you move quick to get your hands on this. 

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