Now And Forever by Mark Spain

Now And Forever by Mark Spain
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Mark Spain
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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711 x 533 mm

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Like an enduring scene from the still of a pop music video, if your strain your ear you can hear the distant sound of Simon Le Bon calling out, bemoaning lost loves and praying for some form of divine intervention. Or rather the young woman cast in the painted role is, possibly.

There’s a definitely more than a hint of New Romantic decadence going on in Mark Spain’s most recent visual reprise, observed here. He who remains hugely popular within the contemporary figurative artist genre, whose ‘Now and Forever’ is indeed a lavish set production, befitting of any early 80s pop video by our reckoning, who’s spoilt us with yet another big budget, glamorous pictorial instalment.

A woman scorned, a love lost or a woman on the edge, nothing is truly known or answered, yet Spain’s seismic colourations and emphatic hues and saturations found within lift this illustrative piece to higher levels of compositional verve. 

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