My Funny Valentine by Keith Proctor

My Funny Valentine by Keith Proctor
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Keith Proctor
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559 x 559 mm

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There’s long been a warmth and honesty to the illustrative tone and graphic diction of a typical Keith Proctor giclee on board limited edition; visually aided and abetted by the sheer and luminous pictorial presence of the children more often than not found at the epicentre of his compositions. Proctor’s hotly anticipated new Spring 2018 reveal certainly isn’t going to buck this fondly-recalled trend, as once more the viewer is privy to Proctor’s favourite muse – his young son, Jack – actively engaged in innocent children’s activities. Sporting his signature white vest, shorts, boots and baker boy cap, we’re instantly captivated by the charm personified, while the actual activity might easily play second fiddle on first glance. But that would be doing Proctor’s calibre of creativity a great injustice, as we seek to take in the broader picture in this brand new giclee on board limited edition, entitled ‘My Funny Valentine.’


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