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Midwinter by Christine Comyn

Midwinter by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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500 x 400 mm

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In the depths of the cold months, the necks are high and the scarves even further northward, as the winter chill bites hard and deep unto the skins and bones that guard her soul and package her beating heart and still racing mind.

‘Midwinter’ is celebrated contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn’s very latest creative dalliance with the canvas, and a stunningly simplistic, yet evocative and mesmerising one at that.

Complete with 1980s hair held high and that Princess Diana coquettish stare into the middle distance, the young woman objective in Comyn’s pictorial reference point witnessed here is steely in her determination and fiercely protective of her independence.

Once she’s seen out the climatical ravages of the season passing, doubtless she’ll re-plot the coordinates and exact her revenge on guilty parties. 

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