Midnight Echoes II by Duncan MacGregor

Midnight Echoes II by Duncan MacGregor
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Duncan MacGregor
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Boxed Canvas
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305 x 610 mm

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Duncan MacGregor is the compositional architect whose habitually portrayed visual style is predominantly cool of shade, of both sea and sky-creating palettes, and pictorially reflects the self-same vistas he’s confronted with when he himself takes to the open seas; albeit with the benefit of an incredibly artistic eye. Some might say bordering on abstract in style, DMac’s characteristic work of thickly applied acrylics’ forge to willingly manifest this innate sense of raw energy, which the best-selling and award-winning contemporary maritime landscape art practitioner captures with repeated relish. Like for instance his very latest Summer 2016 reveal as seen here for the first time, and illustratively composed of slightly more revered out colourations and mood boards as previously. That’s because ‘Midnight Echoes II’ (as the title implies) is set in this glazed boxed canvas guise at the dead of night and amid a calm, millpond-like sea. To be in with a shout of ownership of MacGregor’s brand new 195 print-run limited edition release, we suggest you contact us ASAP to avoid disappointment.

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