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Match of the Day by Paul Horton

Match of the Day by Paul Horton
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Paul Horton
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711 x 597 mm

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The streets are positively alive with the sound of excitement, as fever pitch is not far away in Paul Horton’s very latest early 2018 pictorial release observed here. Simply entitled, ‘Match of the Day’, this beautifully-weighted, considerately composed and emotionally-reactive giclee mounted/paper-crafted limited edition will instantly appeal to football fans far and wide. However the universal attraction of this sublime monochrome piece won’t stop there; as the best-selling Horton’s fans and seasoned collectors alike will beat down a path to our gallery door to enable ownership of this 28” x 23.5” limited edition, mark our words. Bearing the acclaimed contemporary landscape artist’s moniker, this nostalgically-positioned illustrative ensemble transports us all back to a time and a place where football stadiums rose up above the terraced-lined streets which surrounded them, and put the game on the working class map. Arguably soccer’s roots might have evolved and adapted to be fit for purpose the 21st Century, yet the masterful Horton’s visual grasp of the very foundations of the game remain steadfastly etched in our hearts and minds in this must-have iteration.


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