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Marvellous Tale by Anna Razumovskaya

Marvellous Tale by Anna Razumovskaya
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Anna Razumovskaya
Anna Razumovskaya's biography
Board Only Price:
Hand Embellished Canvas
Artwork Type:
Board Only
Image Size:
610 x 610 mm

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A brace of beauties yet not a single semblance of a beast. A flurry of visceral and energetic visual frisson, and an immovable graphic performance to end all that we’ve borne witness to prior. A swirl of active hue and saturation and accompanying the vim an animatedly illustrative tale to tell, and then some. That tale is one of a marvellous and unopposed pictorial disposition to our minds, and one which requires graphically flagging up hereabouts. Hence this.

Entitled ‘Marvellous Tale’, this staggeringly attractive hand-signed and embellished canvas study available to pre-order now comes courtesy of one of the world’s most prestigious and regarded natives of her selected contemporary figurative genre; namely Anna Razumovskaya. Launched as part and parcel of her brand new Spring 2015 reveal, along with four additional never-been-seen-before pieces, we’re forecasting a glut of interest on this gorgeous new compositional reckoning, and would advise you to jump the expect queue by registering your intent right here and right now.

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