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Marilyn 2 - Legends by Ben Jeffery

Marilyn 2 - Legends by Ben Jeffery
Limited Editions of 35 - individually signed by Ben Jeffery
Ben Jeffery's biography
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Giclee On Canvas
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Board Only
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610 x 760 mm

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Remembered as a global icon whose image is instantly recognisable today as it was when she was at the peak of her powers, contemporary figurative artist, Ben Jeffrey paints ‘she who needs no formal introductions’ in an appealing light, before trouble and strife made for uncomfortable bedfellows and signalled her own eventual downfall and premature demise.

Millions of women wanted to be her, whilst millions of men wished to be with the fabled star of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe, and Jeffrey manages to portray the Hollywood legend in her glamorous prime.

Appearing as elegant, provocative, seductive and downright sexy as ever, the artist has managed to convey her much-documented powers and womanly wiles in a glorious, refreshing technicolour rather than toy with the subject matter too much and avoid the temptation of cutting Monroe as the tragic figure which was so often the case. 

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