Mallett's Waterlilies by Timmy Mallett

Mallett's Waterlilies by Timmy Mallett
Limited Editions of 20 - individually signed by Timmy Mallett
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Giclee On Canvas
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760 x 510 mm

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Whilst Timmy Mallett isn’t comparing himself to Monet Mallett, there are, perhaps surprisingly in some quarters, many similarities found in their depicting of waterlilies as a subject matter. Like the involvement of water, and lillipads. On a serious note, the former anarchic kid’s TV-presenter-turned-much-sought-after-contemporary-artist-hyphen-hyphen has produced yet another brazenly hued composition projecting much brevity and visual purpose, with both its presentation of the blue in the water and the green of the, well, lilipads, quite breathtaking in all honesty. A pictorially learned piece that engages with the viewer from the outset of informal introductions, ‘Mallett’s Waterlilies’ is a soothing, mindful and considered study of a focus illustratively represented by the revered likes of Monet many moons before Mallett, yet very much holds its own in contemporary company and constantly resists the urge to fade away into insipidly watercoloured oblivion which it might well have done under an other lesser artist’s stewardship.

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