Lovers Walk by Duncan Palmer

Lovers Walk by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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An ethereal, luminous and arguably angelic appeal and filter is afforded Duncan Palmar’s most recent visual wonderment, released, available and observed with illustrative relish here.

The gifted contemporary landscape artist has long-held a fascination and steely dedication to visual tales of a very coastal nature and intent, and ‘Lovers’ Walk’ won’t be breaking this mould any time soon. And nor should it.

The sun, about to pierce through a thin veil of layered cloud of a wafer-like, summery disposition will literally flood this already invigorated composition with still more candescence, and put the couple in more of a spotlight as a result.

As to that couple, pictorially engineered to represent a theme and notion rather than a clear idea and functionality in this painted life, we are led to believe are lovers, as hinted at in the title of this Palmar piece, yet nothing more is known or inferred about them; suffice to say that this is their time and place for the purposes and duration of this canvas work at least.

Along with the cloud formation and the merest infringement of a further coastal jut and landbreak to the left of the horizon, pitted in the middle distance, it is but the placing of said couple that divide and conquer the volumous, shimmering sands of the beach with the decadence of that imposing sky, thus creating such dramatic, provocative light, shades, silhouette and reflections. 

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