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Like Father Like Son by Mackenzie Thorpe

Like Father Like Son by Mackenzie Thorpe
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Mackenzie Thorpe
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864 x 533 mm

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A simplistic, yet timelessly poignant graphical statement which visually documents that enduring connection between father and son; historically played out here, there and everywhere through the annals of time. Whether it’s teaching him the rudiments of car mechanics, drinking, surviving in the wilderness or indeed, how to win at the beautiful game itself, a dad has an inordinate amount of skills he can successfully pass down to his offspring at various timely junctures during the latter’s more formative years. Mackenzie Thorpe’s aptly-named, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ chooses to do just this, offering us all an illustrative snapshot of one of those vital life skills fathers volunteer to deliver when we’re of an impressionable age. this limited edition giclee mounted study, comes bearing the hugely popular and best-selling contemporary figurate art practitioner’s signature, and is released as part and parcel of his brand new Autumn 2016 collection; the rest of which is found hereabouts.

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