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Light Of My Life by Mackenzie Thorpe

Light Of My Life by Mackenzie Thorpe
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Mackenzie Thorpe
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686 x 737 mm

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Mackenzie Thorpe’s route to the top of his contemporary fine art-producing game was anything but straightforward, and took in many twists and turns before he finally arrived at where he finds himself today. And upon leaving art school in London the hugely popular art practitioner remained in the capital where he dedicated his time and best efforts to working with inner-city children, before eventually upping sticks and relocating to North Yorkshire where he set up the studio (complete with gallery side) he still works out of. Yet the journey Thorpe went on has doubtless stood him in good stead regarding where (creatively) he finds himself in Autumn 2016, not least his interactions with the younger generation of whom rely so much on their elders for guidance in life. ‘Light of my Life’ illustratively focuses its giclee mounted attentions on this, and pictures a youngster taking in his immediate surrounds, looking, hoping for direction to make itself apparent, within the stunning visual context of this hand-signed limited edition piece. 

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