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Les Memoires de Paris II by Henderson Cisz

Les Memoires de Paris II by Henderson Cisz
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Henderson Cisz
Henderson Cisz's biography
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622 x 356 mm

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Up the tan cobbled street a flower seller pushes her colourful barrow. The wide
boulevard is empty except for her and a black robed figure walking towards her and
away from the classic car on the opposite side. In the background, at the bottom of
the road stands a magnificent green lead roofed stone building. It dominates the back
of the picture it’s ornate decorations and wide windows capturing the eye and the
imagination. On either side of the street can be seen red glows emanating from the
currently quiet stores and cafes. It is early morning on what will be a fine day, but not
many people are up and out and about yet. 

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