Lakeland Walk by Duncan Palmer

Lakeland Walk by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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Roaming, exploring, crossing styles, walking alongside riverbanks, across fells and staring out across bodies of water.

All the decidedly rural aspects and semi-agricultural elements you’d encounter should you embark on a ‘Lakeland Walk’ amid one of the UK’s designated areas of outstanding natural beauty; and as captured with visual relish and a creative endeavour here, by Duncan Palmar.

‘Lakeland Walk’ is much sought after contemporary landscape artist, Palmer’s most recent addition to his burgeoning pictorial portfolio and immense back catalogue of eye-catching, enigmatic paint works.

The viewer greets the picture as we journey down a country track, heading ever more toward a sizeable farm dwelling set in the middle distance; surrounded by a sporadic collection of trees, outbuildings and stone walling, whilst shadowed by the colossus, mountainous ridges ascending sharply in the direct aftermath of the typically Cumbrian bricks and mortar.

The presentation of the late evening sun and the shadows and shapes it pitches upon Palmar’s study are suggestive of an autumn scene, and certainly the artist’s choice of saturations and hues to the lead colours visually go some way to testify to this, in what is, ultimately, a gregarious and heart-warming illustrative tour de force.

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