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Just How I Remember It by Alexander Millar

Just How I Remember It by Alexander Millar
Limited Editions of 50 - individually signed by Alexander Millar
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Canvas With Slip Price:
Giclee On Board
Artwork Type:
Canvas With Slip
Image Size:
762 x 572 mm

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A seemingly lifeless scene is immortalised here by one of this country’s greatest living contemporary landscape and figurative artists, Alexander Millar, who visually imparts his very latest graphic thoughts and illustrative deeds to a wide audience here in ‘Just How I Remember It’. Released this Autumn 2014 as part of his equally brand new broader compositional collective, this striking, yet haunting, vision of industrial dereliction was said to have been inspired by a black and white photograph he once observed.

Although now a shadow of its former, proudly industrious self, this section of derelict canal side in Glasgow struck an immediate creative chord with Millar who then set out to capture its past, present and future story in this limited edition, hand-signed canvas format which is available as we write. Although limited to a mere 50 pieces, availability will be short-lived we would imagine, if past Millar reveals are anything to go by.

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