It's Good To Be Bad by Doug Hyde

It's Good To Be Bad by Doug Hyde
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Doug Hyde
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C’mon on now Doug, are we really meant to take this supposedly malevolent force seriously??! Yes, we’re aware its Darth Vader (and his, erm, trusty dog?!), but masquerading beneath that famous helmet, cloak and associated garb is one of your peace-loving, life-loving, fuzzy and warm characters we’ve all grown to know and, well, love. So your very latest contemporary fine art sculpture is, we take it, a tongue in cheek reveal to lift our moods in this post-festive season drudgery. If so, then your brand new limited edition reveal has certainly done the trick! Restricted to just 395 hand-signed 3D realisation this early part of 2018, the best-selling Hyde’s latest study – entitled ‘It’s Good to be Bad’ – is expected to generate a huge amount of interest among his fans and collectors in equal measure. So we’d urge everyone else to track us down (via our various points of contact) at their first convenience!


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