It Takes More Than Talent by Gabe Leonard

It Takes More Than Talent by Gabe Leonard
Limited Editions of 49 - individually signed by Gabe Leonard
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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Board Only
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762 x 457 mm

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Thrashing away at the old ivories, treating all and sundry present to an overture to end all overtures, the focal point of Gabe Leonard’s brand new illustrative reveal is an evocative lady in red; sat at her piano regaling those in her presence with a peerless performance. A new name to many, already-acclaimed contemporary figurative artist, Leonard is quickly establishing himself as a force to be pictorially reckoned with in his chosen genre, and this, his latest visual rendition doesn’t buck that pleasing trend.
Entitled, ‘It Takes More Than Talent’, this exquisitely presented hand-embellished canvas realisation is individually signed by the rising talent that is Leonard himself and forms a strictly limited edition collection of a mere 49 examples of this particular piece. Available to order online now, we’re confident that demand will outstrip supply, so would urge all interested parties to reserve their piece as soon as possible.

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