Is it a Bird is it a Plane by Doug Hyde

Is it a Bird is it a Plane by Doug Hyde
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Doug Hyde
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203 x 254 mm

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Saving the day (and the small creature he’s clutching to his undercarriage), our sculpted superhero is winning friends and admirers left, right and centre this early 2018; as is his creator-in-chief. And of course he goes by the name of Doug Hyde (in case you needed a more formal introduction), whose very latest contemporary fine art sculptor continues to win both hearts and minds like those that have come before. The much-loved firm favourite returns this season, with this visually bullish graphic number, measuring some 8” x 10”; and limited to just 395 hand-monikered editions from launch. We know, boo….siss!! But numbers are numbers, and we have what we have to play with. So in order not to go empty-handed, do, please, strike up a channel of communication with us (phone, email, gallery drop-in, etc) ASAP; as remember this. Once ‘Is it a Bird, is it a Plane’ has gone, it’s definitely gone. Finito! 

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