Into The Sunset by Duncan Palmer

Into The Sunset by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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An emotionally charged, romantically-fuelled barn-stormer of a sunset, all vibrant, vivacious light and capitulation to the tidal changes, stealing the summer blues of the skies it shares and turning them orange and red; and then some more, as it hangs majestically, mesmerizingly just above the sand flats beneath its evening performance.

‘Into the Sunset’ is popular contemporary landscape artist, Duncan Palmar’s latest creative reveal, and there’s no arguing that it’s simply stunning in concept and pictorial execution. A tide returning to the sea has left its watery trail across a pitted sand, with ripples and crevices of residual water glistening in the reflected beauty of that sky; those transient heavens above, weaving their magic on the scene painted below.

As is the norm for Palmar, the composition is shared and enjoyed by the juxtapositioning of an undistinguished couple, captured on the distant horizon, soaking up their immediate surrounds and taking stock of the illustrative marvel that we're eternally privy to, courtesy of the artist’s sublime painted adaption and virtual re-creation of one of nature’s most spectacular shows. 

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