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Indigo World by Barry Hilton

Indigo World by Barry Hilton
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Barry Hilton
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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711 x 711 mm

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An overwhelming sense of climmatical turmoil coupled with an extraordinary sense of considerately filtered light are readily indicative of a typical Barry Hilton composition, and have been for as long as we can recall. Varied and multiple-layered glazes help craft and cement this clear cut visual brilliance, offering its hugely illustrative presence in a perpetually radiant, oft luminous render to the naked eye. Best-selling and award-winning contemporary landscape artisan, Hilton has been at it again of late, as the hugely popular fine artist reveals his brand new Autumn 2014 collection here.

In this specific embellished canvas board compositional instance entitled, ‘Indigo World’ the resultant pictorial tempest is as graphically volumous and illustratively beguiling as ever, as Hilton pictures a lavender hued and saturated field as far as the eye; broken only by the ethereal presence of a distant white dwelling or two, as is his visual hallmark. Bearing Hilton’s much sought after moniker, his very latest release is limited to just 195 editions from the outset and is predicted to sell out fast.

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