In The Far Away by Simon Kenny

In The Far Away by Simon Kenny
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Simon Kenny
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Boxed Canvas
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1016 x 711 mm

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There’s no doubting that the critically acclaimed contemporary fine art exponent, Simon Kenny affords the viewer their own personal odyssey, both visually and emotively within each of his new pieces. Yet actual interpretations of them much-talked about artist’s every visual piece are naturally by the individual’s own compositional reckoning; more especially that there’s no right or wrong answer when describing what lies within the structure of each highly illustrative reveal. Such as this very latest glazed boxed canvas iteration entitled, ‘In the Far Away’, a graphically seismic shift in heavenly hues and staggering saturation from the hitherto sublime works of Kenny’s. Measuring some 24” x 24” this hand-monikered limited edition is another absolute riot of colouration which seemingly explodes into life each and every occasion the viewer takes in the almost hypnotic and abstract vista which greets them time after time. Be sure to speak with us ASAP for more info on Kenny’s brand new Spring 2017 reveal.

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