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Im Gonna Break Your Heart by Bob Barker

Im Gonna Break Your Heart by Bob Barker
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Bob Barker
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Board With Slip Price:
Giclee On Board
Artwork Type:
Board With Slip
Image Size:
660 x 660 mm

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Providing the light at the end of the typically Bob Barker compositionally-signposted tunnel, a couple of kids are seen partaking in a dual to end all conker duals, the only difference between this and others in a similar vein is the appearance of one of the challengers. Not least they’re a girl. We know, can you Adam and Eve it, but a pesky girl has been allowed to challenge the conker majesty of the undisputed king of the school playground, in this behind closed doors battel royale. The irony being – and as the title of Bob Barker’s brand new Autumn 2016 pictorial reveal underlines – the two combatants are probably destined to break each other’s hearts a few years down the line. This giclee on board limited edition which comes care of the much admired and collected contemporary landscape art exponent – and entitled ‘I’m Gonna Break your Heart’ - is now available to enquire about via our accepted channels of communication. 

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