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Hopes and Dreams by Alexander Millar

Hopes and Dreams by Alexander Millar
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380 x 450 mm

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The day might nearly be done, but there’s one more adventure left in it and them, as they make their way homeward from the fair. Whilst a goldfish would have been a big ask to transport on the back of a bike, no such logistical problems are encountered with balloons, as the gadgie and his still excitable passenger scurry back to whence they came. Rich of hue and plentiful of saturation, this very latest Spring 2016 pictorial release visually marks an expectedly grand return to compositional form from one of our best-loved (and award-winning) contemporary figurative practitioners, Alexander Millar.

‘Hopes and Dreams’ further cements the enduring relationship between a granddad and grandson, the former a constantly inspiring figure to the latter, regardless of just what they get up to whilst in each other’s company. This limited edition giclee on paper study ticks all the boxes which any of us who admire Millar back catalogue of visual works signed up to long ago, and unsurprisingly delivers with graphical aplomb when required to do so. Measuring some 15” x 19”, this hand-signed piece can be yours in no time at all, providing you don’t waste time in contacting us to convey your reserving/ordering intentions before the next interested party does.  

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