Here's Looking At You Kid by Samantha Ellis

Here's Looking At You Kid by Samantha Ellis
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Samantha Ellis
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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508 x 508 mm

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If ever there was the one breed which literally (and physically) responded to their master’s commands before they were even uttered, then the Spaniel is fields ahead of their nearest canine competition. Intelligent, inquisitive and overtly instruction-following, the Spaniel can be trusted with any instruction; as is on a routine basis by their owners. Visually addressing this unique working relationship via the medium of giclee on board, the acclaimed and much-hyped new contemporary fine art practitioner, Samantha Ellis has compositionally delivered once again this Spring 2017, courtesy of the advent of ‘Reporting for Duty’. This hand-signed limited edition study would bring to life any given urban or rural living space, and forever cement the bond which emotionally glues man and their best friend together for a lifetime and beyond.

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