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Heart by Emma Grzonkowski

Heart by Emma Grzonkowski
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Emma Grzonkowski
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216 x 305 mm

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Imagined and pictured, both emotionally and physically whilst inadvertently listening to the music of Lana Del Ray, Emma Grzonkowski was immediately struck it would seem by the popular recording artist’s intriguing lyrics which evidently resonated with Grzonkowski and ultimately were something with which she could relate to. Speaking of popular artist’s though, it takes one to know one as they say, and the very much sought after Grzonkowski definitely falls into that category.
‘Heart’ is the tenderly yet fluidly scripted visual result of Grzonkowski’s graphic interplay with Del Ray, and is seen here in its currently presented limited edition, giclee-mounted pictorial form and function. Hand-signed by Grzonkowski herself, the relatively compact (8.5 x 12 inches to be precise) brand new release comprises one quarter of the much bigger Spring 2014 collection picture also released now. 

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