Happy and Glorious by Paul Normansell

Happy and Glorious by Paul Normansell
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Paul Normansell
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Board Only
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483 x 660 mm

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Exhibiting his work as far as field as Australia, America and Japan, there’s no arguing that Paul Normansell’s appeal stretches across continents, and routinely finds favour with both pop royalty and ACTUAL royalty, whether the critically acclaimed contemporary portrait artist is showcasing his very latest compositional reveals either home or a long way from it (i.e, away). On this graphically resplendent occasion, the figure which takes centre stage is resolutely British; in fact, as British as British ever gets, none other than the longest-serving monarch in the history of, like, ever, HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Capturing the head of the royal household as she (and the world) acknowledges her 90th birthday celebrations this Spring 2016, ‘Happy and Glorious’ is every dotted inch the Normansell classic; and of the (very) graphic nature we’ve come to expect from the established and attention-grabbing contemporary figurative star. This already much sought after board only giclee study is presented here and now in strictly limited edition guise, with but 195 examples of this 19” x 26” iteration up for grabs. Blink and you’ll most certainly miss out, big time…..

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