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Happy Days Canvas by Alexander Millar

Happy Days Canvas by Alexander Millar
Board With Slip Price:
Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Type:
Board With Slip
Image Size:
400 x 500 mm

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Everyone loves taking their foot off the pedal from time to time and abandoning our hang-ups and simply going hands free, especially as modern life can be so stressful. There are few things more exhilarating than riding full pelt down a road with your legs akimbo and letting gravity guide you on your glancing journey. Call it one of life’s little, oft-uncelebrated pleasures. Not so unacknowledged by a certain contemporary figurative artist ion our midst though, as pictorial attested to in his very latest Spring 2016 public reveal. Seen here for the first time, Alexander Millar’s brand new ‘Happy Days’ visually encapsulates just how to feels to let go, and is all the more appealing for encouraging our minds to run away with themselves.

This sizeable giclee on canvas iteration could be seen hanging from your wall just as soon as you make your wishes known to us and make the first move in implied future ownership, which is something we’d strongly urge anyone considering it to do sooner rather than later. Chiefly because this gregariously hued and vividly saturated limited edition study is just that; restricted by actual volume, whilst secondly on account of the sheer number of enquiries we habitually receive when it comes to the revealing of any new Millar iteration. Be sure to call us today to find out more about this exciting new print.

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