Great Expectations by April Shepherd

Great Expectations by April Shepherd
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by April Shepherd
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254 x 229 mm

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“OK, they’re ready now boss. It’s time to move on out and start following all those new scents which have cropped up since the last time I looked out of the door. C’mon master, I have things to do, places to be”…..If only you could put words into the mouths of man’s best friend, we’re pretty sure they’d sound a lot like these, judging by the image you’re currently feasting your eyes on. And THAT image comes courtesy of one of the country’s best-selling contemporary animal sculptors, who’s back with more of the same (level of visual excellence that is) this Spring 2017, in the three-dimensional guise of her beloved cold cast porcelain animal sculptures. ‘Great Expectations’ is the much-talked about April Shepherd’s very latest 3D reveal, and it’s in store right now for those in the market for such exemplary limited edition works. Of which we conservatively envisage, there will be many. 

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