Gotham Hero by Zinsky

Gotham Hero by Zinsky
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Zinsky
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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Board Only
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660 x 660 mm

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The very vision of the Caped Crusader graphically signals that justice will be restored once more; always has and always will, to generations of kids (and even bigger kids) raised on a diet of graphic novel and TV/movie adaptations of Batman. ‘Gotham Hero’ continues to serve the legacy of the original comic boom creation with steely aplomb, along with value added illustrative splendour, in the guise of Zinksy’s brand new Spring 2016 pictorial release witnessed here in all of its glory.

This 26” squared hand-embellished and signed limited edition by one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary fine art talents in the business can be yours today, providing that you convey your purchasing intentions sooner rather than later. We urge this as Zinsky new releases have a recurrent tendency to pass through the gallery’s fingers quicker than you might otherwise imagine, on account of the artist’s searing popularity; and the fact that his work is hugely collectable. You know the drill by now…. 

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