Good Life by John Waterhouse

Good Life by John Waterhouse
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by John Waterhouse
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254 x 406 mm

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It’s something we all strive for; that perfect work/life balance, where we can find the time and place to wind down, relax and to a certain degree, escape from the grindstone. The countryside offers everyone the opportunity to clear their mind and cleanse their soul, with an ever diverse array of vistas from which to choose. Visually capitalising on this mantra in the highly illustrative throes of his brand new Spring 2018 giclee limited edition release, the widely-regarded contemporary landscape artist, John Waterhouse pictorially tells it as it is; in as much as telling a graphic tale of just how good life can be when we let go and fully embrace the more rural world around us. This hand-signed 10” x 16” iteration sees a distant family not only enjoying their own close company, but that which Mother Nature herself offers us. Pictured across a meadow, silhouette forms against the background mists, Waterhouse’s very latest compositional piece has a simple charm which will resonate far and wide this season. 

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