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Glory Days by Ben Jeffery

Glory Days by Ben Jeffery
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Ben Jeffery
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760 x 260 mm

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A remote beach, basking in solitude; a sunny late afternoon with the setting drawing towards the day’s end. Visually distracting skies and a couple seen in the great blue yonder wandering still further toward it, pretty much sums up the enticing vista that landscape artist, Ben Jeffrey has sought to convey here.

It’s akin to having your very own portal onto the world, or at least a special piece of coastal wonderful that you can escape into anytime of your choosing. A sweeping esplanade of sand, ever distant tide, the punctuating of rock pools and the visceral, tangible quality of the third degree of reality are knitted into Jeffrey’s piece with frightful abandon.

The use and volume of colouration found in that revealing sky alone hint at Dali, save the advent of melting clocks or stupefying reflective elephants.

Beguiling, benevolent and graphically, technicolouredly bombastic in its strident delivery and visual verve make Jeffrey’s latest creative outpouring exceptional in our book. 

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