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Free Spirit II by Gary Benfield

Free Spirit II by Gary Benfield
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Gary Benfield
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Board Only Price:
Hand Embellished Canvas
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Board Only
Image Size:
711 x 533 mm

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Silky of coat, dense of mane and beady and ever alert of eye, it’s every muscle, sinew and tendon flexed and exercised in all its graphical glory and coloured resonance, ‘Free Spirit II’ encapsulates a thoroughbred steed at play, and comes fresh from the brush and palette of respected contemporary artist, Gary Benfield. The diversity and volume of brown and golden hues and saturations of a sheened coat paints an incredibly life-like picture of one of our equine cousins as it gallops, trots and charges entirely free of the shackles that might otherwise hinder its progress. The muscle tones are expertly crafted and presented on the canvas, as are the expressive emotions etched on the horse’s face as it does what it was undoubtedly born to do, running wild and with abandon, relishing and loving its moment in the artistic spotlight. 

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