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Flying the Colours by Hayley Goodhead

Flying the Colours by Hayley Goodhead
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Hayley Goodhead
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Boxed Canvas Price:
Hand Embellished Canvas
Artwork Type:
Boxed Canvas
Image Size:
813 x 813 mm

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If you’re looking to make an impact statement in your urban living space then we implore you to look no further than this striking new Spring 2015 compositional release by the continually impressive and award-winning contemporary animal artist extraordinaire, Hayley Goodhead. Entitled ‘Flying the Colours’ this hand embellished boxed canvas is a sight for sore eyes and quite simply, a joy to behold. What’s more, it could be yours with pretty immediate effect.

Despite being strictly limited from launch to a mere 195 editions, this 32” x 32” iteration could easily be displayed pride of place (sorry, wrong animal, but you get our drift) sooner than you imagine if you get in touch with us ASAP and pre-order one of said Goodhead studies. And just think what a conversation piece you’ll have if you do, as well as having invested in a stunning example of what we believe to be peerless Goodhead artwork. What are you waiting for?! 

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