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First Love by Keith Proctor

First Love by Keith Proctor
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Keith Proctor
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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559 x 559 mm

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When asked to describe the typical way in which he addresses each new piece of art and the methodology he employs from the outset, the hugely popular and much-collected contemporary figurative artist, Keith Proctor insists that it’s ‘bold, fast and confident brush work’, which is definitely observed in the detail of his signature compositions over the years since he turned professional and has blessed his selected genre with such peerless examples of his particular craft.

Revealed as part of his current, ‘Jack of Hearts’ mini-collection, Proctor’s ‘First Love’ is certainly following in the superbly balanced and compositionally pitch perfect illustrative footsteps of what’s successfully gone before, as it graphically tackles the welcomed innocence of what’s perceived by the eye of the young beholder to be their first affair of the heart and mind. Cementing his love for his equally smitten object of childhood desire with but a simple stroke of illustrative intent, you can capture this emotional and heartfelt moment forever and a day should you further your interest in and secure one of the 195 limited edition, artist-signed examples of this canvas on board-presented iteration of what’s considered by many to be trademark Proctor. 

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