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Fast Living by Paul Kenton

Fast Living by Paul Kenton
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Kenton
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Boxed Canvas Price:
Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Type:
Boxed Canvas
Image Size:
1219 x 483 mm

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Arguably one of the globe’s most frantic cities bar none, yet the London scene painted most recently by Paul Kenton might beg to differ. Perversely entitled ‘Fast Living’, nobody would argue that Westminster Bridge, Parliament and beyond is never anything if not frantic, yet the critically acclaimed contemporary urban landscape art exponent has somehow managed to graphically modulate all that illustrative hysteria and visual commotion and instead supplant this alternatively-perceived pictorial notion of reflective calm on one of the nation’s most frenzied thoroughfares.

But then we wouldn’t expect any less of Kenton, with the advent of his very latest Spring 2016 giclee on boxed canvas affair being once more the artistic measure of the man. A man whose creative boundaries continue to be pushed and cajoled into the ultimate delivery of such compositionally-gifted iterations as this undoubtedly is. Limited to 150 editions from its launch, this 48” x 19” landscape study by the much sought after Kenton also comes complete with the best-selling artist’s moniker and is now available to register interest in, via our usual channels of communication. 

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