Far From The Crowd by Duncan Palmer

Far From The Crowd by Duncan Palmer
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Duncan Palmer
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An opulently-coloured coastal scene punctured by the appearance of an obscure, distant couple walking in the tide-line is trademark Duncan Palmar territory; the acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, which is exquisitely expressed here by the artist in question.

The deep blues, the steely turquoises and the foreboding, muted dark blues and greens of a distant mountain range lend a fitting foil for linen-white breakers and Demerara-sugar brown of the enduring sands that seep across the foreground of Palmar’s inviting Far From the Crowd.

Whether the leisurely couple are lovers or not, is undistinguished, but given the title of the piece it may well be escapism and seeking excursion from the public’s preying eye that this couple seek solace in this remote, yet engaging setting. An attribute that Palmar relishes and handles with an inspiring finesse is this unswerving ability to balance splendid isolation with a mass invitation; courtesy in no small part to his grasp of earthly colours that are the hallmark of all his coastal creations.

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