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Fancy by Christine Comyn

Fancy by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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500 x 400 mm

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The argument, gone but neither forgotten nor lost, her next move mulled with caution and remoteness, she fades yet never withers, her opinion and voice still headstrong and determined.

Popular contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn has originated and executed the likeness of a young woman, clamouring for parity and equal billing with her recent nemesis in this, the artist’s latest visual reveal.

‘Fancy’ is as fancy are, and we’re not referring to a typical Gallic confectionary piece or some teenage folly based around inexperienced affairs of the heart. No, more the ‘fancy that’ scorn and scripted revenge of a woman on the precipice, her emotions scattered and her mind racing.

Just the merest of hints of a blood red interfere with an otherwise whitened grey pictorial servitude, that’s as unexpectedly lavish as it’s minimal and pointed. 

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