Ever Hopeful by April Shepherd

Ever Hopeful by April Shepherd
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by April Shepherd
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203 x 330 mm

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The attention levels are unflinching, the concentration undivided. They know if they continue to put the hex on their owner then, possibly, they may share in that more than tasty morsel they’re currently enjoying. Alternatively it could that time they go for a dog walk, and their master has seemingly overlooked this fact; hence the Jedi death stare being deployed. Either way, the focus will remain steely until further notice. April Shepherd has a pleasing habit of visually bringing to three-dimensional life most living creatures with a certain illustrative panache, and her brand new Spring 2017 isn’t going to buck that compositional trend we’re pleased to report. ‘Ever Hopeful’ forms part of the best-selling contemporary animal sculpture artist’s latest collection of cold cast porcelain iterations, and measures some 8” x 13”. Presented as a 295 run only limited edition study, it would be prudent to move fast to secure ownership here and now. 

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